Professional and reliable emergency electricians in the East Sussex area

When an electrical emergency occurs in your house or business, it rarely happens at a convenient time. Luckily for residents of Hastings, Battle, Icklesham, Brede, Bexhill, Robertsbridge, Rye and surrounding areas, you’re covered by Hannington Gilbert & Co Ltd, who have a team of emergency electricians standing by when you need them most.

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Should I call an emergency electrician?

If you’re asking yourself the question, then the answer is probably yes. Electricity is a dangerous thing, so if you’re concerned about your electricity supply, it’s likely that you require the attention of a trained professional emergency electrician.

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Here are some of the more common reasons our team of emergency electricians get called out.

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Sparks, smoke, or flames around an electrical socket

If you’re seeing flames or sparks around your electrical socket, then call the fire brigade. If you spot discoloured, hot to the touch and a burning or fishy smell from the sockets, then call an emergency electrician. Left to its own devices, an overheating socket will eventually lead to a house fire which could be utterly catastrophic.

Loss of power, or power surges

When the power goes out, especially at night, people tend to panic. If the power is out in your area, then it’ll will be a problem with the local grid, and you’ll have to wait for the electric company to sort it out. If it’s only your property that’s affected, there may be a problem with your electrical infrastructure, so an emergency electrician is the right call.

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Exposed wires

When your see exposed wires or electrical sockets, be sure to call out an emergency electrician. All it takes is one touch of the exposed wiring to deliver a powerful electric shock which can result in burns, heart and nerve damage, and even death. Don’t put yourself or your family at risk: call an emergency electrician immediately.

Water is getting into contact with the wires

Water and electricity don’t mix. If you’ve experienced flooding, a burst water pipe, or some similar issue, it is essential that you call an emergency electrician to make it safe.

Your local electrician service

Based in the historic East Sussex town of Hastings, our team of professional emergency electricians cover much of the county, including our valued domestic, commercial and industrial customers in Battle, Icklesham, Brede, Bexhill, Robertsbridge, and Rye.

Over 150 years’ experience

Hannington Gilbert have been trading as electrical contractors since 1965, providing much needed emergency electrician services across East Sussex. Between them, our team of knowledgeable emergency electricians can boast a century and a half of experience fixing electrical problems in and around the area.

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List of Services

  • Rewires
  • Inspection of electrical installations
  • New installations
  • Inspections and installation of fire alarms and emergency lights
  • Installation of ‘Smart Home’ systems e.g. HIVE or NEST
  • Inspections and installations of lightning protections systems
  • Portable appliance testing
  • External lighting
  • Electric heater Sales
  • Installation and repairs of electric heating

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If you need an emergency electrician in East Sussex, call us today on 01424 428 696, and one of our team will be with you as soon as possible.

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